On 27 February 2015 eVALUA became part of Open Windows Australia. For all information on eValua products please contact Open Windows on 1300 73 90 73 or Visit Open Windows' web page at

Improve the Project and Procurement Effectiveness for Your Organisation

Enhance the quality, effectiveness, clarity, integrity, transparency and speed of important projects impacting on the success of your business.

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eVALUA provides best practice online electronic tendering and evaluation,
consultancy services and software solutions:


  • eVALUA+™ hosted electronic RFP advertising, submission and evaluation
  • Turnkey Management/Facilitation of large tenders
  • Bidding and Capture Management
  • Red Teaming
  • Systems Engineering (EIA 632) and Engineering Management
  • Software Development - Web applications
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Training in Procurement and Systems Engineering

Enterprise Software Solutions:

  • Strategic Procurement
  • Electronic tendering
  • Tender  evaluation
  • Decision Support
  • Outcomes (Capability) Management
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

Our products and services help you to:
  • clearly articulate project requirements
  • engage your supplier community
  • make better decisions
  • Improve your bids
  • manage and measure achievement of your business outcomes
  • drive effective procurement process reform
  • manage and secure the associated volume of information
  • ensure adherence to Acquisition Regulations
  • perform management tracking of decision support activities
  • manage decision inputs from multiple, geographically disperse evaluation teams
  • ensure that all risk factors are considered and managed

Whatever industry you are in, if you a responsible for implementing new projects, purchasing goods and services, winning bids or improving your organisations capabilities and effectiveness, we provide ideas, expertise, services and tools that can help achieve significant savings through the application of our innovative products and solutions.